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Celebrating women's power to make a difference.
Creating a community of highly engaged women,
for authentic connections. 
Fearless speakers sharing their inspiring stories, with honesty and passion.
Empower.  Motivate.  Celebrate.


We are pleased to introduce our speaker roster. Thank you to these
dynamic, inspiring and motivating women for sharing their stories from our stage. 


Author. Artistic entrepreneur. Visionary. Elephant lover

Her Story: "Life, Love and Elephants- creating the life YOU want."

In her native Canada, Jacquie Gauthier was a radio and television personality, a playwright and producer, and for a short time, a politician. Since eloping and moving to South Africa in 2010 she continues to create her happily-ever- after with her beloved
husband Johann.

She is the author of two books: The Gift of an Elephant and Twenty Eight Elephants and Other Everyday Miracles. 

Jacquie is also a certified nature guide, a teacher of English and adult literacy, an amateur photographer and an artistic entrepreneur.

Jacquie is the co-founder and image co-creator at Two Girls and an Elephant, a project combining photography, art and elephant conservation. The website is www.twogirlsandanelephant.com


Biz-Growth Consultant, Resiliency Ninja, lover of the word FU-CHAAA!

Her Story: The Road to Resiliency Ninja

Through my company, Elevate Biz, I speak at conferences and consult for amazing companies showing them how to develop business, find more clients and network more profitably. I also have been blessed to do some media work and I’ve even written a book called From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding & Profitable Networking Made Easy.

That’s my public image.

Privately, I’ve dealt with a series of difficult blows during my decade of hell, when it felt like I was playing an unending game of whack-a-mole, swatting down one problem just in time for another to erupt. Can you relate?

Building a successful business with chronic nerve pain (caused by a botched surgery), multiple injuries (8 breaks/tears), several deaths of people close to me, and spurts of depression that were all compounded by self-doubt and internal judgments, wasn’t easy, but I did it. 

Now, I’m on a mission to help others become more resilient. In my latest book Married My Mom, Birthed a Dog: How to Be Resilient When Life Sucks! I share my story to give hope and tools so you can bounce back faster and say FU-CHAAA to whatever challenges the proverbial fan blows your way.


Stand up comic, CBC debater, 3D mascara guru

Her Story: "DON’T Avoid the bomb. EMBRACE IT."

Jen Grant, profiled in Ottawa Life Magazine as one of the top 25 People in the Capital in 2015, has achieved virtually everything you can in the world of stand-up comedy in Canada.

She has performed at every major comedy festival in the country, including the Just for Laughs Festival, and both the Halifax and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals, all of which have aired on national television. She can also be heard on CBC‘s “The Debaters” and has her own TV special on The Comedy Network.

One of her proudest achievements was performing for our troops in the Middle East.
A story telling, observational style comedian, Jen is both unique and relatable. Her debut CD ‘Nobody Likes Your Homemade Wine” is really very funny.

The recent call of the entrepreneurial spirit encouraged Jen to become an independent rep of Younique cosmetics. So today, when not on stage making her audience laugh ‘til they cry, she’s on Facebook live showing us how 3D Fiber mascara takes our lashes from lame to lush!

We’re ready to LOL with comedian Jen Grant!

MAYA JOVANOVIC, Ph.D (Professor Maja)

Sociologist. Author. Apology-hater. Confidence-builder. Recovering make-up fanatic.

Her Story: "SCREW APOLOGIES: lead with confidence and get your hustle on"

Dr. Maja Jovanović currently teaches at McMaster University and Mohawk College, and is the CEO of All In, a women’s leadership organization that gives women the communication tools to speak up with confidence at work and get what they want in life.

Maja and her husband Steve are raising their daughter to be her own damn boss, who understands Barbie doesn’t need to be saved by Ken.

Early in the morning, you can find her working on her latest research project with a cup of Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea. While Maja has perfected the art of boundaries with humans, she can never say no to her 180 lb Great Dane, Cooper.

Her favourite kiss-proof lipstick is Play with Fire by Rimmel, she reads the dictionary for fun (no, really), and she hates apologies.

Skype ID: Professor.Maja


Author, motivator and human dynamics connector

Her Story: "Are YOU the obstacle in your way?"

Linda is the president of Marshall Connects, Author, Television host, and a member of CAPS and Speaker U. Linda published ‘Giving Back, How to Find Your Personal Joy and Make a Difference to Others' in 2014 and is the Host of Business Wellness in Hamilton on Cable 14.

Marshall Connects functions on the premise that meaningful connections lead to extraordinary opportunities, resulting in people feeling engaged and valued. Our goal is to enhance personal and professional performance and elevate the client experience to increase business success for them and their employees.

Through Marshall Connects, Linda specializes in workshops, consulting services, and motivational speaking on topics of current interest including Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, Team Building and Leadership Development. Linda brings her on-the-ground experience with a 32-year career in senior management roles, and over 25 years’ service on non-profit boards. Marshall Connects provides online webinars and podcasts for professional excellence.


Author, healthy living advocate, sought after mentor to women of all ages 

Her Story: "MARATHONING WOMAN: My Transformational Journey"

Susan’s passion for health and physical fitness emerged from her own life-long struggles with weight and body image and her mother’s struggles with osteoarthritis and Alzheimers disease. In 2005 and 2007, at the age of 61 and 63, Susan completed two full Marathons, walking 7 ½ hours in each race. The races transformed her relationship with her body and her attitudes about what she was capable of achieving. Since 2003, Susan has completed 32 races, from 5k to 42k - all walking. 

A well-known writer, Susan has co-authored : Power Source for Women: Proven Fitness Strategies, Tools, and Stories for Women 45 and Love Your Body…Embrace Your Life! Invited to speak at an International Women’s Day celebration in Jaipur, India, featured on Royal Caribbean Transatlantic Cruise Ships, Susan also co-leads trips for women to Provence, Fance and India. 

In March, 2017, Susan received the IWA Empowered Woman Award Of Excellence from the International Women’s Association, in recognition of her “outstanding commitment, dedication, & contribution to the community”.

Through her books, website, training programs, and travels, Susan motivates and supports women on their health and fitness journey.

Susan will share with our audience her transformational journey to advocacy for physical health, spirituality, and nutrition. With humour and passion, she will encourage us to change our way of looking at (and talking about) our bodies, as she celebrates her own body today as a "well oiled machine, sagging in parts and creased in others - but it is mine!" 

Thank you to our speakers for sharing stories that Empower, Motivate and Celebrate Women becoming Leaders of their own Lives.


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Assistant Branch Manager, RBC Royal Bank
Caleigh's Bio


Inspirational Speaker - Speaks Life with a Dynamic Voice
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